Saturday, June 30, 2007

On the Needles; Around the House

Finished Objects

-Beaded Stich markers and Row Counters (really cool)
-Crocky's Leash (S/F-29Jan07)
-Bargain Bin Mod-Dea Shell- (F-02Feb07)
-Kate's Blue hobo bag- (S-Dec06/F-10Feb07)
-Little Bear's "Christmas Socks (S-06Feb07/F-11Feb07)
-Smokey Socks-(S-12Jan07/F-15Feb07)
-Fingerless Gloves- (S-01Feb07/F-17Feb07)
-Sammy's Scull Cap- (S-23Feb07/F-25Feb07)
-Kate's Pants-(S/Dec06-F/16Mar07)
-Miss Rebecca's Bag-S-22Mar07/F-27Feb07) In the car and at the Faire.
-LOTS of Cotton Dishtowels (I needed a break)
-Cotton Knitted WaterBottle cosy. (26Apr07) Kate liked mine so much I gave it to her....Then I knitted up another one for me. :0)
-Silica Gel Neck Coolers-3 (12May07)
-Knitted Cotton Cozy for Littlebear (15Jun07)
-"Joey's" Hooded Blanket-(S-23Jun07/F-25Jun07)

New Blog Projects
-Smallest to Largest Lace Ribbed Socks-(S-18Feb07/F-30Jun07)

-Boulce' Eyelash Mobius-(S-08Jul07/F-10Jul07)

-Butterfly Apron (S-12Jul07/F-13Jul07)

-Felted KIP Bag- (S-17Jul07 / F-20Jul07)

-LittleBear's Boxers- (S-18Jul07 / F-20Jul07)

-LittleBear's Birthday Robe (S-20Jul07 / F-21Jul07)

-Dylan's Lucky Black Socks (S-07-07-07 / F-27July07)

-Light and Dark Oven Mitts (S-21Jul07 / F-30Jul07)

-Multidirectional Shrug (S-02Aug07/ F-07Aug07)

-Multidirectional Scarf #1 (S-08Aug07 / F-09Aug07)

-Aunt J's Oven Mitts (S-08Aug07 / F-14Aug07)

-Littlebear's Bearghan (S-07Mar07 / F-15Aug07)

-Turquoise and Silver Bling (S-17Aug07 / F-18Aug07)

-Kate's RenFaire Skirt (S-21Oct06 / F-18Aug07)

-Mystery Bling (S/F 19Aug07)

-Crocheted Necklace (S/F 20Aug07)

-Corey's Scarf F-23Aug07 (I'm going to end the start dates...I can't keep track of them and I end up guessing anyway)

-I felt your pain sampler - F 28Aug07

-Boxers F-29Aug07

-Celtic Scarf F-30 Aug07

-Roses Without Thorns Necklace- 01Sept07

-Memory Wire- Faux Sea Glass Bracelet 03Sept07

-Roses and Butterfly Bracelet/Earrings 06Sept07

-Lucky Seven Shamrock Sling 09Sept07

-Chain Mail -Rainbow Stone Anklet 18Sept07

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Dina said...

Look at that list! I bought some beads for stitch markers ... hopefully I have all the materials.