Sunday, July 1, 2007

Smallest to Largest Socks

Smallest to Largest Socks
Yarn: Unknown Sport weight stash yarn that I've had since 1992.

Needle: 2.5MM 60" cable needle

Pattern: CH&T plus I started the Lace Rib right after the toe increases.

Whew! Finally done. I've been procrastinating on these for ages! I had a bunch of these little balls in my stash that were all the same yarn weight, so I decided to use them from smallest to largest.

I needed the needle for my nephew's socks. That's why I pushed so hard this week to finish these.

Thank GOODNESS they're done. I was so DONE with this project.

My First Craft project on the new blog!
Love, Ang

detail of lace

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Dina said...

They look good! I love the color arrangement and it's a very good project to show off on your new blog :)