Friday, July 20, 2007

Felted Knit Bag

Felted Knit Bag

Started: 17Jul07 - Finished: 20Jul07

Needle #13 US

Arctic Pool Heather (2 skeins)
Mist (2 skeins)
Lake Ice Heather (1 skein)

Gauge (double strand) 3.5Stch/inch X 4rows/inch
Knit BaseUsing "Artic Pool Heather" I followed the pattern at Dropped A Stitch Blog I went up to K6 m1 around and ended on a plain row.

For the striping I went online to this site and rolled the dice: Then I knit whatever number I rolled.

Here's LB with a perspective view of the finished bag. Pre-Felting.

And here are the "Official" pictures. Length-23 inches

And the diameter of the bottom- 7 inches.

Here is the drying bag on my baker's rack outside. One plus to living in 106 degree weather is that things dry QUICKLY here. *snarky grin*

I found this lining fabric the other day. Incase it's unclear, they're little balls of yarn. I needed something bright inside this rather somber bag.

Here's a picture of the lining after I sewed it in. I used the machine because I despise utilitarian hand sewing. LOL! To hide the stitchline afterwards, I just scratched the bag and felted it in with the rest. I have my yarn, needles, and tools already in there. Notice how I still have room for my phone, wallet, and keys.

And here's the finished bag. I LOVE it! It finished felting at 15." I added some metal grommets and a 4 stitch idiot cord. Boy I can see how ladies get obsessive about felting items. It's so fun!! to find more patterns!

Love, Ang

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Dina said...

I found your felt post! What a cute bag (and cute hat). Did I say I was a felt virgin? I need to try some felting@