Friday, July 27, 2007

Dylan's Lucky Black Socks

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Yarn:Caron Worsted Weight Black
Needle: 3.5mm 60"long (Yes, I know how funny that is to go from metric to US)
Pattern: Basic CH&T

My nephew asked my MIL if I'd knit him a pair of socks. :o) What a compliment! I started them July 7th, 2007 to bring him all the luck in the world! He'll appreciate the significance. I did find out two things while doing this project.

#1 - Never knit a preteen a sock that has more than 6sts per inch. Otherwise they'll outgrow it before you finish knitting it.

#2 - Never knit pure black socks while owning a mostly white cat.

Love, Ang


Dina said...

You're braver than I! I don't think I'll attempt knitting black socks, even if they're for small feet! Did the color drive you nuts?

Angela :o) said...

OH GOSH yes! I knit my mobius shawl and my felted knit bag just to take breaks. Plus all those boxers. I don't think I'll knit black again...unless it's a scarf or a hat.

I have to let these go. I thought about knitting these of wool (then thought about them being thrown in the washer) Then I decided on some really nice microfiber (Then noticed the 10sts per inch and the fact that he runs outside in socks)

I felt guilty knitting them out of plain/cheap worsted yarn....but oh well...he knows I love him.

Love you! Ang