Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I "Felt" your pain....

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Yay! My needlefelting kit came yesterday....so I just HAD to play with them. I ordered an introduction kit from The Woolery. The kit came with a foam pad, roving, assorted needles, and an introduction/instruction/pattern book.

We have a supply store here, but I wanted a kit and the instruction book. For the refills, I'll support the home store.

I pulled out some felt scraps from my inherited stash and felted the "Read" bookmark. The red star is one of the lessons in the book. The red multicolored blob is an I-cord that I wound around then braided on top (it wouldn't take a good picture for some reason.) I felted it down to a felt scrap then plan to sew it to the barrette blank (Also from my stash)

The yarn is the leftover ball from Aunt Jeanne's hot pads.

I plan to add a little beading to the barrette, sew it on the metal blank, and proudly wear it. I'll show you more felted pictures as I progress.

Love, Ang

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Dina said...

That looks like fun! Can you use the needles to felt a small item that was already knitted?