Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Multidirectional Wrap

(Dear blog, I owe you a real photo...but it's 11:30 and *laugh* it ain't happening)

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Pattern: Iris Schreier's Wrap in Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2006

Needle: US 10.5

Yarn: Wool sock yarn from Germany

Gauge: Didn't bother with it. The pattern says "knit to measurements" so I just grabbed thin yarn with thick needles for a loose weave.

I've been looking for the perfect shawl for a few months now. I've knit a few Worsted Weight shawls and that mobius shawl only to find that chunky yarn makes me look....erm......chunky. So I grabbed this yarn from the stash and knitted. (I could NOT afford the silk speciality yarn the pattern "suggested")
I love this one because it's compact enough to toss in the bottom of a totebag....but enough body to keep the AC chill at bay. So, if that mobius wrap just screams your name....you can have it. I think I'm going to frog it and save the yarn for something else. It'd make an awesome handbag!

Love, Ang


Dina said...

I'm waiting for some Knit Picks yarn for a shawl and don't laugh, I'm not the shawl-type, but the more I look at Kiri (link to pdf), the more I really want to knit it.

Dina said...

I forgot to add ... I like how that angle keeps the wrap around your neck! Very pretty blue and functional!

Angela :o) said...

I love that Kiri Shawl. I'm not up to lace work yet. Someday I'm going to buy "the good stuff" and knit one up....but not yet. :o)