Monday, September 3, 2007

Memory Wire- Faux Sea Glass Bracelet

(grin) I have SERIOUS issues. It's very easy for me to become obsessive about something. Case in point...I didn't like my jewelry pictures so I researched photoboxes. That lead me all over the net looking for cheap photoboxes (the professional ones range from $200up.) THAT lead me to learning about macro functions, aperture, ISO, TNT, PBS, and AT&T (You should have seen me ransacking the house for my camera's manual.)

I was driving myself crazy trying to learn years of photography in an evening. Then it dawned on me: "DUH Ang, you don't need the SUPER WIZBANG camera with the functions you'll never use. You do NOT need to make sure you have "cool" lights or even know the "Lumens" of the light bulb you're using. All you need to do is take decent pictures of your jewelry."

SO this is what I did. Cardboard box, Cardstock backdrop, Sheet from my Linen Closet, Tripod, and both of my Craft lights.

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And this is what it turned out. Again, not perfect...but I'm not selling on Esty...I don't need photshop quality images.

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Here it is on one of my bazillion gargoyles.

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And here's the finished picture. Only the white beads sparkle on this one, so it's hard to tell if the noise in the picture is from my ISO setting or the bead....GAH! I'm doing it again.

Anyway I strung this bracelet on memory wire. It requires no clasp and it will always return to its shape. The best part is that every bead came from my stash. And the wire was even given to me. Can't beat that.
Love you, Ang

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Dina said...

Looks good! Just in case you want a portable light tent that won't burn a hole in your pocket, check out this link.