Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mystery Bling

I cranked these out today. I'm not going to put who this set is for until they receive them.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Most of this stuff I had in my stash. I finally went through and sorted all of my beading supplies (I was given 90% of a gallon ziplock bag) and now I have a ton of ideas for this "Instant Gratification" craft. I can't believe how easy, fun, and quick this is.

I'm not happy with the picture can't see the cat's eye in the beads....Also, I noticed that I made it a little long...I'll have to go back and shorten it about an inch. I'll post another picture if I change it too much.

The necklace is a lariat type. You stick the main bead through a loop and that's your clasp. (so the clasp is in the front.)

I know these are very basic and beginnerish....but hey *Shrug* I'm kinda basic and beginnerish.

Love, Ang

PS Here's the necklace after I took 1.5 inches off of it. It sits much nicer....I'm glad I went back and fixed it.

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Dina said...

Are these projects from the saved TiVO programs? OMG! They are amazing! They don't look like a basic, beginner project to me!