Thursday, February 5, 2009

2009- On the nightstand/in the bookbag

2005=40 books / 2006=15 books
2007=27 books / 2008 Goal=43
2009=Goal 40

our library's closed (our librarian PCS'd and we're in the middle of getting another) so I can only read through Vicenza/online.

1. Pope Joan-Donna Woolfolk Cross (19Jan09) This was for our local bookclub. What a good story. It had so many themes that I enjoy reading about. 1)Medieval times 2)Strong women overcoming life's difficulties 3)Conspiracy theories.

2. Money and the Law of Attraction-Esther/Jerry Hicks (Jan25) I believe that what you think what you get. Might as well control what your thinking about.

3. Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe- Fanny Flagg (03Feb09) I loved this movie. And the book didn't disappoint. I know why hollywood glossed over certain themes...but, overall, they did a helluva good job bringing it to the big screen. Huzzah!

4. Twilight Eyes-Dean Koontz (05Feb09) Papabear got this book from the library. (AND HE READ IT!!!) I, normally, don't read Dean Koontz (I O.Ded on him back in the 90's) This one filled the literary void...but it wasn't that good. I'd rather read a cereal box. But then again, it came after FGTatWSC so it may be just "good book letdown" that I'm feeling. I doubt it though.

5. The Knitting Sutra- I zoomed through this in an evening. I'm so glad I didn't buy this book. It's basically find the divine in daily life. Using knitting to connect with the spirit. There! I ruined the whole book for you. LOL I AM glad I read it.

6. Ask and It is Given- Esther/Jerry Hicks (18Feb09) ++

7 Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen (01Mar09) The unabridged audio book. NINE CD's of joy! I need to get more of her audiobooks. They're so much fun to knit with!

8 Knitting w/o Tears- Elizabeth Zimmermann(15Mar09) I usually don't include non-fiction on this list. But her knitting patterns are woven inbetween folksy, homey stories. So here she is.

9 Last Days of Dogtown-Anita Diamant (30Mar09) I loved her "Red Tent" so I decided to read this one too. Very good! Reminds me of Maeve Binchy's Whitethorn woods.

10 Snow Falling on Cedars-David Guterson (05May09) Very good! Lots of fun pulling out the themes of the book. I'll look for the movie next time I'm at the library.

11 The Whale Caller- Zakes Mda (10May09) It was too "artsy" for me. I'm sure some literary genius loved it...but I just didn't "get" it.

12 Twilight- Stephanie Meyer (11May09) This was a 24 hour book. I am SUCH a sucker for a vampire book. My girlfriend, Dawn, had the whole series and loaned them to me. Loved it! I just hope the movie doesn't drive me insane (like Eragon)

13 New Moon - Stephanie Meyer (15May09) These didn't take that long to read. I've been doing alot more gifting knitting and "Stuff" I just spaced them out five days apart.

14 Eclipse - Stephanie Meyer (20May09)-The movie was ok. They're never as good as the book, but at least you get something.

15 Breaking Dawn - Stephanie Meyer (25May09)-Can't wait for New Moon to come out. They're shooting scenes in Italy (4hrs away) right now. I wanted to go down and be an extra or somthing (wink) but the whole town is in lock down. I don't want to drive for 8hours (Gas/toll roads) just to sit and not see anything. I'd rather go to Venice.

(LOL I didn't realize how much I'm knitting until I see the lack of books on my list!)


Kate AKA Ms. Queen said...

I LOVED the Twilight Series!!!! I read them all in 5 days total!! Sooooo gooooood. It took 5 days because I actually had to work... boo. There were a few sleepless nights. Love you!!

Kate AKA Ms. Queen said...

Oh yeah.... the movie was good too!!