Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cute little Apron

Papabear is infamous for grumbling and muttering things like "trash....throw away....waste of space" about my Stash. And in all fairness it is incredibly large. But I, on the other hand, am in total awe of it.

No matter what the craft item I need, I can find it within five minutes. Case in point...the great fabric AND pattern for this cute apron.

(backstory....grab a cup of coffee, this may take a while.)

If this was MY house I would take the POS dishwasher to the back yard and wail on it with a Louisville Slugger. I will prewash dishes and they will come out dirtier than when they went in.

Papa blames it on our incredibly hard water and has put two of those "dishwasher cleaner" bottles through it. *eyeroll* It's still the same. Nasty dishes.

My house is 15 years old and I'm convinced that its the original cheap manufacturer's dishwasher. And 15 years of renters have NOT been kind to this machine.

*yanking me back to the point*

My point is that I'm back to washing dishes by hand. I refuse to waste anymore time/water on that dishwasher and then STILL have to wash dishes by hand. And I want an apron. *pouts lips and stamps foot*

So I started hunting through my inherited patterns for what I need. And I found TWO patterns. This is the one I'm using though.

Here's a closer look at mine....sans fru fru lace. *gag*

Notice the price....$3.95 I just bought a robe pattern for Littlebear's birthday and it was 12 bucks!!!

And here's my apron. LOL they mean it when its "One size fits all!" The lavender on the top of the pockets matches the ties in the back...FYI.

Love, Ang


Dina said...

I love it that you know how to sew! I should've mommanapped you for a week so you could teach me ;)

Angela :o) said...

LOL I'd love to be Momnapped for a week...We could hit all the yarnshops!

As for the sewing, lots of trial and error...lots of frogging stitches...erm seam ripping.

Love, Ang