Sunday, April 26, 2009


I have an awesome girlfriend who is never scared to roadtrip by herself. I've always loved strong women...and she's the epitome of it.

One morning, at the bustop, she said "Hey, wanna go get some wine?" And we headed up to a vineyard about a half hour away. What a beautiful drive! My pictures do NOT do it justice.

Oh! And in case you were wondering...that poor case of wine I bought didn't stand a chance. bwhahaha


Right at the base of the mountains

for future reference *wink*

Lake Garda

This is a SMALL, family vineyard. I'd have loved to chat with them....darn language barrier.


Her son and a keg.

This place also had bees and olive oil/products. I bought a bar of handmade lemon soap and one of olive soap. mmmmm so good!
Love, Ang
(who's three blogposts away from being caught up! I told you we've been busy)

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