Thursday, March 26, 2009

Roadtrip Rowdiness

Well, not really Rowdiness....just fun!

Drove up to Vicenza and talked to Littlebear's teachers....did the BX/Library run (I got Emma by Jane Austen on CD...Yay Me!) sprung littlebear out of school and headed over to Aviano.

BOY! Did I feel like Country Mouse visiting City Mouse. Basic Military Base items (like a store open round the clock) were such a treat. They even had free WiFi in the room. And the hotel room! Amazing! I can't believe the crappy room we had to live in. If we were living at Aviano (with a park back behind the building) I would have loved to stay there a month. It even had a washer/dryer in the ROOM! *sigh* This morning Papabear went to his class and we stayed in the room watching TV. It's been 4 months since we've seen it. We're not missing much. *laugh*

Anyway....the biggest thing that happened is that I got a new camera! I didn't have the battery charged in Aviano, so no pictures there....but here's one of Papabear eating popcorn and playing X-box. The boxes behind him are full of Front room nicknacks that need to go downstairs.


The yarn in front is going to be a "lover's mitten" It's a mitten with two cuffs so that you can keep your hands warm while you're walking and holding hands....Littlebear's idea. I'll show you when it's done.

Anyway, it's 1130 and I'm exhausted.
Love, Ang

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