Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lugano, Switzerland-Chocolate Festival.

I was slightly disappointed. So forgive me if this post is a little on the whiney side.

The tickets were 23euros. Which is about $34.50. I was a little shocked at the price, but thought that we'd be getting a tourguide with the trip. And maybe a trip to the chocolate factory.(I wasn't too sure about this point. The communication on this base is horrible...unless it's a nasty rumor, then EVERYONE knows about it)

On the ride up there, I was seated in the center of about 7-10 young, drunk Airmen. Have I told you that I'm SO over that point in my life? It was horrible. All I could think of is that they would puke on me. (Yes, they were that drunk at 8am.) After the second restop stop, my girlfriend saw me back there and invited me to set at the front of the bus with the adults. (There's a story about peeing a bottle in there somewhere.) A two hour trip took 3.5 with all the bathroom breaks.

When we get there, the doors open and we start milling around the bus. NOBODY knows where this festival is. The "tourguide" disappeared. Thankfully one of the others knew enough Italian to ask a local. Finally we get there and there are only about 6 tents. VERY, VERY small. After about 15 minutes, we look around for something else to do/see. It's just pouring. That's why I have few pictures. I spent 6 hours marinating in the rain. To be fair, we did find a coffeehouse and sit/chat for an hour or two. I REALLY, REALLY want to go back in fair weather. I'm sure this town is just glorious. I'm sure my pissy mood was due to the weather. What a shame I couldn't put a happy face on it. Oh well, my next trip will make up for it.

Where was Littlebear? Papabear was SUPPOSED to be home with him. But work called him in to work nights. Luckily he was able to have LB tag along for a few hours. Then LB kept himself busy during the day while Daddy slept. What a trooper. (I'm really getting tired of this job...even on your days off, there's a 80% chance of working)

Here are my pictures. :o) Thanks for putting up with my crappy mood.

Here's one of the parks we passed. On a clear day I would LOVE to sit and knit here. BTW, that big red bush...is a rosebush. I've never seen one that big!!

striped roses

Have you ever seen stripey roses before? They were gorgeous and about as large as an orange,


The fountain in the town square.

I love frescos. I'm sorry. It looked clear on my camera...but now that I see it on the computer, it's blurry. The only clear object is that lady's umbrella. Grrr.

Italy is covered with these gorgeous little courtyards. I love them!

The lake. This whole town was ringed in mountains.

I've wanted a Swiss watch since I was a little girl. And I found the one I want!!

It's hard to see, but it's a black enamel watch with Daffodils on it. Stunning!

Europe cracks me up! There are these stunning ancient churches hidden between ubermodern buildings. Every time you turn a corner is a suprise. And these people are so used to the splendor, that they don't even notice these architectural gems.

A really cool head, that I have no idea what it symbolizes. *laugh*

A perspective shot. My girlfriend is 5'10. Now you know how large that head is!

Littlebear eating the choc
Littlebear muching on chocolate on our way home!

That's all of my pictures. I'm suprised I didn't get any of the actual festival. LOL!
I have pictures on the camera of my neighborhood...after LB does his homework, I'll come up here and blog them.
Ciao, Ang

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