Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Slow, and steady!

I'm still here. Having a nice, mellow time!

We're heading to the "Big BX in the Sky" a.k.a. Aviano (3hrs) tomorrow. I'm going to pick up a new camera (yay!) Then, on Sat, I'm heading to Switzerland for a Chocolate Festival! I'm going to leave my boys at home and I PROMISE lots of pictures!

Now that the weather is so glorious, we've been walking the 15 minutes to school in the A.M. Our Audi isn't safe enough for me to trust it and Papabear is using the Passat to work nights. But I haven't minded the walk. It's better than a pot of coffee in the morning. I'll bring my camera next week. There are so many cool things I want to share.

The Forsythia is in bloom. *deep sigh of joy!* I used to have two of these bushes in my German garden. For some reason, they are my epitome of Spring. I need to get a few when we own our own house. I love them!

Love, Ang

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