Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Storage Packers.....TOMORROW!

Wow, that week just flew by. I can't believe they'll be here tomorrow to pick up my storage items. The Good news:I just have a few more things to get ready.

Actually, all in all, it's not too much stuff. The big items are my freezer, gun safe, Baby photos, a lot of my books, and my Birdbath. The rest is Papa's innumerable beer glasses and steins.

I've finally decided to get rid of my babystuff. It looks like it won't be needed. It breaks my heart, but makes room for other important things in life.

No other news to report. I'm not reading anything :o( Maybe after the packers come I'll pull one of the books out of my luggage and start it.

Now.....on to the coffee.
Love, Ang

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