Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shipping Car to Italy-Moving dates

FINALLY!!! The last makeup post. Papabear is going to kill me....I've been blogging all morning instead of sorting items for the packers. *shrug* Don't tell him!!!

Littlebear in front of Peggy Sue's 50's Diner in Yermo. Very cool spot.....

Last night we came home from California. Papa decided that we should drive both cars to Los Angeles to drop the Passat off at the shippers...then we could make a quck stop at his parent's before we left for Italy.

Let me tell you.....GOSH I HATE TO DRIVE!!! Papa started giving me sass about "Geeze Ang, use the petal on the right."

Obviously I drive too slow. Someone should tell those signs on the side of the road that they are just TOOO SLOW.

But I think I did just fine considering that:

a) I am not a "driver"
b) We drove down to the "rough side of" Los Angeles
c) I did not have Maggie or any idea where I was

d)did I mention that I'm NOT a driver??


But I survived....had a short but good visit with family. Then headed back home to crazy.

Friday (tomorrow) we're having the storage guy come over and inspect what we're going to store. He needs to get an idea about how many guys/boxes to bring over. So I'm surrrying around trying to get that finished.

Next Wed they'll come over and pack up all that Storage stuff. Then the packers come over to inspect the house.

The packers will be here the week after. I've already told Littlebear that I'm sorry for my nasty mood these two weeks. I'm going to try to keep a lid on it.....but you can never tell.

well I've got to get going....Lots to do....lots to do.

Love, Ang


Patches is READY to go to Italy. She can't see why we're all in an uproar!

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