Thursday, November 6, 2008


I LOVE Halloween! We didn't do much...but we did it with great joy! Papabear had to work again this year.

Carving our pumpkin. This was LB's first solo pumpkin. He gutted it, carved it, and smashed it the next day. I just supervised.

LB loves saluting nowadays. He makes the poor dog salute all the time.

I said "act scared"......I'm not really sure how he got "lift your shirt" from that. LOL!

We didn't have any police tape....but we did have "Dead body" chalk outlines and this tape outline on our driveway. *laugh* he moved and that's why that one side looks goofy.

Here's a recap of what his costume was. I couldn't talk him into anything cuter. *sigh* But notice the "I'm so cute" head tilt to the side. *laugh*

Love all of you,

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