Friday, November 14, 2008

New Address

Our sponsor in Italy sent us our address today. If you need/want it, email me.

The packers come Tuesday. And, you know what, I'm not scared. Not worried. Actually I'm looking forward to it....because then I can knit all day with a clear conscience. (grin)

I'm finally letting myself get excited about Italy. It was always my biggest regret that I didn't get to see Rome and the Vatican. Well....Regret no more!

The #1 thing I want to see is Michaelangelo's Pieta. My Grandma had a miniature of it in her house and I'd always break the rules and sneak a touch. LOL! It's such a glorious sculpture for such a gruesome subject matter. Keep checkin' the are coming.

Another "must see" stop is (of course) the Sistine chapel. I spent a week studying it in Humanities class, but that's just a "gee wiz" stop. I REALLY want to see the Pieta.

Hmmm what else.....
-Saint Francis' chapel (my favorite saint...tied with Joan of Arc)
-Venice during Carnival
-Milan...I want to buy a silk scarf there. know....I'm SUCH a fashionista. (laugh)
-The Mediterranean sea
-The Alps again
-etc, etc, etc

Oh, I love to travel. Especially when I can sleep in my own bed after I see it.

Love, Ang

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