Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Wow! What a difference "I'm not going to stress out anymore." makes. I just didn't stress out. The only time I got emotional was when we found out that our Italian Visas came back!

Yay! Now we can leave Vegas as a family.

Here's our plans:
-Pugly goes in to be neutered (ouch!)
-Parent/Teacher conference

-Papabear's going away party at the Hofbrauhaus.

-Take Christmas Card photo
-Order Christmas Cards

-People are coming to steam-clean the carpets (I have issues with this. It's required for our outprocessing, but we moved in and the carpets were filthy and smelling of cat pee! So, I guess they DO need to be steam cleaned, but I'm chafing that they were so dirty to start with.)

-Sign out of the house.

-Fix what needs fixing in the house(if anything)


Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon
-I'd REALLY like to go through Hoover Dam. I've always meant to. "Well think a little harder, Ang." (That's for you, Daddy.)
-I want to take Littlebear down to the strip and show him the casinos at night. He wanted to see the Mirage's volcano show and the inside of the Luxor. I can't believe we haven't done this already. But, then again, we rarely get down to the strip....or really want to...*laugh*

-Ship out:
Vegas-Washington DC-Frankfurt-Verona-drive half hour to hotel.

Did I mention that "Yayyyyyyy, I'm freeeeee"
Love, Ang

Living in the front room
Living in the Front room

Livin in the frontroom
The only furniture in the house. We're going to dump the mattress and desk.


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