Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Homeless...we are Homeless (I'm channeling a Paul Simon song)

Well, we're free from that house,but now we live in limbo for a while.

Our neighbors (I should call them our Saving Angels) are letting us live out of their trailer for the week we'll be here. You may remember Richard/Linda from the camping trip over Labor Day weekend. They've really gone above and beyond....and treated us like family.


As I was cleaning the bathroom today...I felt myself fall into a pretty bad funk..."Why am I getting this house spotless when we moved into a pigsty?"

Then it dawned on me. I can't get away from cleaning, but I CAN get away from the state of mind I'm in.

So I found a better thought: "This Bathtub has never let my little boy slip and hurt himself. The traction bottom (that has always been so hard to clean) has always kept him safe. As a thank-you, I'm going to clean it so it will make a good impression on the next owner."

Then I moved on to the toilet: "This toilet has always been there to support us whenever we had to throw up and I've done some darn good reading on it. As a thank you, I'm going to clean it nice for the next owner."

Then the sink....
Then the mirror...
Then the cupboard...
Then the floor...

I couldn't believe how fast it went. And how GREAT I felt about cleaning an icky bathroom.

Isn't the mind amazing?
Love, Ang

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