Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Checking in

I'm not dead....LOL far from it. I have a whole new life going on.

I've been (sorta) blogging on notepad this whole time...But I'm dealing with moving/holiday blues (you guys know I'm no good around Christmas.)

We don't have internet service at home. I was told it can take a week to three months for them to turn it on. Well, it's been over a I guess it'll be a few months more. I'm in the Vicenza library right now. (Heaven, I'm in heaven) We just picked up my car and I'll have to drive that sucker a hour/half back home in the pea-soup fog. So I'm wringing out all the calmness from the library. I thought the French couldn't drive. Oh least they knew what a turn signal was.

My father-in-law would die overhere. Everything is "Whenevah. I'll happen."

I have TONS of pictures and blogposts to catch up on. Be patient.

I am eating some fantastic cheese....and the wine.....OH! the wine. I may come home to AA meetings.

Love, Ang

OH yeah, I just realized that it's Christmas Eve. I guess Merry Christmas. *laugh*

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