Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ang's brush with crime!

Now anyone who knows me knows how goody-two shoes I am. I go out of my way to avoid even the thoughts of illegal activities.

So...Here's today's brush with the LAW.

We're driving from school up to the library (2miles) and I see this police officer get behind me. First thought through my mind is "Oh crap, Papabear just told me that my tags are expired and we were going to renew them on his next day off....Gosh I hope this guy is on the way to Krispy Kreme instead of looking at my tags."

Needless to say.....he wasn't craving sugar.

So I'm
a) calming my kid down....HE thinks we're both going to jail.
b) calming myself down......I think we're both going to jail. *LAUGH!*

Officer-"May I have your licence and registration? Do you know that your tags expired last month?"
Ang-"Good Gawd, NO!....Um....Sure, of course. Don't freak out if I reach into my glove box. I'm not doing anything shady."
O-*Laugh* "No, I didn't think you would."
A- *nervous twitter* *hands officer my licence and scours car for registration... all the while freaking out*
O-"It seems you have the same shirt on as in your licence." *another laugh* If you can't find the registration...where is the proof of insurance?"
A-Freaking the HELL OUT NOW! I couldn't find either. My first thought is that Papabear took them out of the car to take to the DMV.

The officer then asked me questions like my address and SSN. He walked back to car to run me through the system. That whole time Littlebear is swearing we're going to jail...and I still can't find that damn paperwork.

Officer comes back and I'm visibly upset.
O-"Calm down ma'am. I suggest that you take this car to the DMV before you're caught by another officer."


no jail being violated in the showers.

Way too much drama for me....I need to go knit.

and find some chocolate.
Love, Ang

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