Friday, September 12, 2008

Fun with Stamps

Remember when I kept bugging all of you for stamps? I finally finished one of the projects I wanted to make with them.

I can't believe how many stamps it took to cover this sucker! I used mod-podge to glue/seal this tissue box.

Is it tacky? Yeah. Does it match anything in my house? No. Do I really like it? OH HECK YEAH! But I've always loved stamps. I think of them as art anyone can own!

Tissue box 2

Tissue box 1

Tea box
I even liked it so much that I covered a International Coffee tin with stamps. I'm going to use it for teabags/loose tea.

I also have a wooden mail caddy that I'd like to cover with stamps. *wink* You know what I'm going to ask....don'tcha?

Love, Ang

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