Thursday, September 25, 2008

WeekWrapup- 25Sept08

Hey folks,

How was your week? We had a good one.

-I made a couple more cardboard cars for the boy scouts to play with/talk about. They went over a little TOO well (if you catch my drift) I should have made one for each boy. The fights....OH the FIGHTS!

-Tomorrow, Littlebear and I are going camping with aforementioned scouts. We're headed out to the Valley of Fire (sounds delightful...doesn't it?!?!) so the pictures should be really pretty.

-Work is awesome. We got new book carts...and for some reason I'm wayyyyyy too excited about this fact. *Laugh*

-I finally went through my closet and got rid of about 60% of it. My criteria were: over a decade old, too frumpy, too tight, and too "oh gawd Ang, what were you thinking?!" I ended up filling two boxes with stuff for the goodwill. (Thanks Flylady)

-Speaking of her (Flylady) I've had a great week. If you don't remember from three years ago:Flylady makes you break the overwhelming task of "OH CRAP! I've got to clean this whole house" into short little routines that you do daily until it becomes a habit (and isn't that REALLY what housekeeping is....habit and staying on top of things?)

For you folks that lived through my FLYlady mania a few years ago...sorry. (laugh) But this time I'm going to do a lot less talk...and a lot more actually following the system.

-Here's the daily habits I'm working on now. (I use stickies on my Bathroom mirror to help me remember)

Make bed (for some reason this is really hard to do...unless I MAKE myself do it)
Gather Laundry
Start a load
Weigh/shower/get ready
empty dishwasher and leave it open (as a visual reminder to rinse/put stuff away in there)

PM (when I come home at 1pm)
-change over laundry to dryer
-delete all my flylady email (She sends just craploads of emails...most of it I skim and toss. A lot of it is "Oh Flylady you're so wonderful." or she's pushing a product. I don't have time for that.
-Then she gives us a little "mini task" to do. For example. "Clean off all your light switchplates" I never remember to do this it's nice to be reminded.

Fold laundry
Empty sink
run dishwasher
Layout clothes for next day
Blitz the front room

And so far...I've kept up with all of it. It's so easy to say "Oh, I just don't have time to do this" But really, these tasks just take a few minutes. I waste more time reading spammy emails. (or gossip blogs)

-end of Flylady talk-

Monday I have to take Ms Patches over to the vet. She needs her shots and a microchip. Papabear has FINALLY stopped trying to persuade me to get rid of her. She made the trip once...she'll do it again.

Poor Patches! I have her on a diet. And she's pissed!

I know the vet's going to give me hell about her weight. I think she's about as wide as she is tall.

Anyway, I'll be gone all weekend. I'll be sweltering by day, freezing by night, and forced to eat Boyscout favorites like "Blackened -N- Burnt Boyscout Beef stew."

pray for me.

Love, Ang
(PS I don't get the joy of BnBBBS due to my Vegetarian persuasion. Bwhahaha I'll bring some Veggie chili and call it a day!)

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