Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekly Wrapup-14-21

I think the easy days are over with. According to my counter-downer thing on the blog....I have about 2 months, 2 weeks, and 5 days before we HAVE to be there! OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!

I am so not ready.

Sooo, what's new.
1. I started that Flylady thing again. I've finally had it with freaking out whenever anyone "Pops over." I have come to realize that it IS only me taking care of this house...and I'm doing a crappy job. Time for more organization.

2. The workmen were here on Friday to refinish the sinks and repair the tile in the master bathroom shower. It was "fun" to be down to one sink in the house (in the back bedroom) and one shower.

3. Ten minutes before the workmen were scheduled to come over, I was getting the butter out of the fridge and knocked a bottle of Tapatio out of the fridge. Of COURSE the top came off and sprayed hotsauce all over my clean kitchen, my freshly showered body, clean clothes....oh yeah, and a huge portion went into my eyes. I've never been so scared. I thought it was going to burn them right out of my head. Even the skin around my eyes burned all day. *shudder* (Note to self: Put hotsauce in door....never place near eyes)

4. Littlebear and I made a cardboard/rubberband car from a library book.

Rubberband car
I have NO idea why he put those foam stickers on his eyebrows....Sometimes it's better not to ask.

I also realized that we're going camping (LB & I) this coming weekend. Gah! So it promises to be another crazy week.

Love, Ang

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