Monday, July 7, 2008

Home again, Home again.....

Hey everybody....
We just came home from Flagstaff.
*Laugh* Camping again.

I have NO idea where my camera you'll have to wait on that. But we had such a great time. Kate came up from Phoenix and spent Thrs-Sun with us.

Oh! And by the way....

Brescia, Italy
Partly Cloudy , Hi: 82 Lo: 64
View: extended forecast and maps records & averages


North Las Vegas, NV
Fair , Hi: 109 Lo: 82 Severe Weather Alert
View: extended forecast and maps records & averages

We were just contacted by our I guess this Italy thing is really going through.
Love, Ang

PS I have a TON of emails to go through so don't feel bad if I haven't emailed you back. We came home last Wed and I worked Thrs/Friday. Sat =>Kung Fu, Sunday clean the house. M, T, W worked, cleaned camper, packed camper, and cleaned house. Phew!

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