Sunday, June 29, 2008

RoadTRIP! To the E.R.

Why do these things always happen at 10pm?


We got to the ER at 10:30....(Oh yeah! I had to stop for gas because I was on fumes. AND we hit every red light the whole way)

About 12:30 we're shown into a room and the Doc says: (I crap you not...this is a direct quote) "Hmmm, bug bites."

"&*$#ing DUH!" I wanted to say. (remember I've been in the waiting room for two hours now)

So I ask if these are black widow bites because of the targeting. "Could be" is the answer I got. Then I asked if they're Chigger bites (cuz of the whole camping thing) "Could be."

Right now I'm fuming......

"So how do I know if it's a bite that needs to be looked at?" I say through gritted teeth.

"Well if he runs a fever or has joint pain...then we need to see him. Anyway, here's some Benadryl and Itch cream. Come back if he starts acting sick."

*Boom*....out of there in five minutes.

Now why....OH WHY.....did I have to wait that long for bug bites? Couldn't the nurse at the front tell me: "Unless he's having joint pain/fever...go home"

*Sigh* Oh least I boosted my immune system by exposing myself to all the germs in the waiting room. It wasn't a complete loss.

Love, Ang

PS Today, Monday, his bites are barely visible. (rolls eyes)

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