Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fourth of July in Flagstaff

*Grin* I've procrastinated long enough...time to get my butt in gear.

Papabear has a nose for great, of course, we were in a great location. I think the lake was called Ashurst Lake in AZ. Lemme tell you what...I KNOW why people retire to Flagstaff. It is GORGEOUS!! At least up here in the mountains it was gorgeous. Our weather even cooperated with us. A little overcast and kinda sprinkly...but just enough to keep the tourists away...not enough to hamper our fun.

Now, on with the photos.

CarrotCake/Birthday Cake
Good thing about camping in a camper....bringing The Birthday Cake!!

LB and his first Fishingpole
Littlebear and his first fishing pole

The fishingpole at the end of the day....*laugh*

Sister Necklaces
Kate and I bought these at the RenFaire last Feb....They turned out cooler than I thought they would. It's the Nebraska quarter cut in half. This is our third "sister necklace" and my favorite.

Bizzare sign
Just imagine the thoughts rolling through the poor veteran's head as he sees this sign...

Sunset at Ashurst Lake, AZ
And my favorite....a sunset picture.

I'll put our daytrip pictures in another post.
Love, Ang

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