Sunday, June 29, 2008

Reunion- Day 8 Mon

Day 8- Monday
Where: Chief Hosa Campground, Denver, Colorado
Mileage: 510 miles (what a LOOOONNNNGGG day in the car)

Littlebear quote of the day: "We saw lots of animals."

O.K. Campsite. It was intown so no campfires or park. But the bathhouse was clean and well stocked. A five minute shower cost 0.25, so I took a whole five minute shower without having to turn off the water to soap my hair.....LOL but that's a small price to pay to shower daily while camping.

We forgot how gorgeous the Rocky Mountains were. I love mountain living. I hope to live in them someday!

Black Squirrel
Cute little black squirrel

Nothing else to report....kinda just drove and slept today.

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