Sunday, June 29, 2008

Reunion- Day 9 Tues

Day 9- Tuesday
Where: Piute State Park, Utah
Mileage: 450 miles

-I-70 is a gorgeous drive!! CO is just stunning and Utah is the bee's knees. (Ha! It's also the beehive state. nyuk nyuk)
Black Dragon-UT1
This was a scenic stop. I took a video and pictures...but you just can't get the scope of this landscape unless you're there. It sure makes you feel small and unimportant.

Black Dragon-UT2

Black Dragon-UT3
For a perspective shot...look for Papabear in the white shirt to the left of the the bushes.

-"Green River campsite" was an oaisis in the desert. (think Road Runner/Coyote type desert) and was 90+ degrees. Papabear gambled and we drove on another hour to find a sweet spot in Piute Park. (mid 80's with an off lake breeze)
Piute SP UT-1
Look for LB in the red shirt...LOL now that I'm blogging all of these pictures...I notice how many red shirts I brought camping....I must have had Husker Fever when I packed. I swear! I did make him wash and change clothes daily.

Piute SP UT-2
We camped right on the Littlebear spent alot of time on the lake with his sand toys.

Piute SP UT-3
Papa can sure sniff out a great campsite.

Camping Piute-UT
*sigh* back to the desert tomorrow.....
Love, Ang

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