Sunday, June 29, 2008

Reunion- Day 5-7

Day 5-7, Fri/Sat/Sun

Where: Lincoln, NE

*Yay! We're Here!

*Our Family Reunion was a blast! All of my generation was there. I think this is the first time we've all been together since we were kids.

*We had a HUGE turnout this time. I'm guessing that there were about 30+ people. *Laugh* It sure beats the 12ish from 2 years ago.

*My Mom, Grandma F., Drove Sam and Kate to Lincoln and camped on the North side of town. It was good to see both of my parents. Too bad I had to split time between them. I felt guilty for leaving either one of them.
Mom's Camper
Here's my mom's camper. We had one of these when I was a kid. (LOL I am SO spoiled now. Mommabear HAS to have her shower nowadays.)

Sarge and Kate
Aunt Kate and Sarge. I've known alot of Cocker Spaniels and they are ALL hyper. Well, all except this one. She's a sweet girl (and so very cute.)

LB and Cypher
Littlebear and Cypher (I'm so happy LB didn't bite him...THIS time)

Here's my family (except my stepdad) on my Mom's side.

Here are all of us "girl" cousins. It felt good to reconnect with Carrie. I miss her! (PS she gave me some socks....go get your own! Thanks Carrie...I'm working on your thank you present)

Grandma/pa A
I love this picture of my parents and L.B.

Livin it up NE Style
This was the most fun....sitting around in the driveway talking.
*I have pictures of my Dad's side of the family, but they were taken with Papabear's camera and he has some crazy .CRW format and I can't convert them using my subpar computer skills.

*It was sure an emotional weekend for me. I forget how much I miss my family till I go home and see them. I felt my Grandma's absence keenly. Especially when my Aunt Jeanne divided Grandma Carol's glassware between the girl cousins. I bawled like a baby as soon as I saw a heated babyfood dish. I remember my mom using it to feed my little sister...and was overwhelmed by memories.

*I also got Grandma Carol's rag rugs, two "Brown Betty" teapots, a pair of crocheted gloves, her sewing machine and table, and a roll-top desk my Dad put together. (LOL good thing we brought that big, honkin' trailer to haul it all back home.)

*Papa and LB saw fireflies (Lighting bugs) for the first time. It's funny to think of something as common as fireflies being an exotic bug. Papa also saw a Robin redbreast for the first time too.

*This was the last time we'd see my brother, Sam, before he heads to Iraq for a year.

*Weather was in the mid 80's with humidity (gasp!) We couldn't believe how green everything was.

(I'm sorry for the choppy paragraphs....we came home and I haven't stopped brain is fried)

Love, Ang

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