Friday, June 27, 2008

Reunion - Day 4

Day 4 - Thrs 19June08
Where: Ogallala Lake/Lake McConaughy, Nebraska
Mileage: 300-350 miles

*Last night was so windy! I'm surprised the camper was still upright this a.m. Papa guesses that it was between 35-40mph.

*On the road out of Seminoe we saw hundreds of pronghorns (plus two coyotes) all in a 20 mile stretch of road

*Gorgeous weather! Low 80's.

Ogallala, NE

*We got to the lake and decided to camp in the obvious campground. Papa had found a campground online, but we didn't want to get stuck in the sand so we opted to camp with all the other campers in the main group.

*Mosquitoes suck! I haven't been bitten in 12+ I have two. (and they itch like hell)

*The cottonwoods are blowing their cotton. It looks like snow. It's even drifting like snow. Papabear was lighting them on fire as they came down. If Littlebear becomes a pyromaniac...this is where it started. Gah!!

Cotton Drifts

*It's so nice here, but I wish the bugs disappeared. Our neighbors are living in their screen tents. Smart! If we camped more in the Midwest I'd invest in one too.

*Sam and Kate arrived in Lincoln. We're so excited to get there. I cancelled our stop at Pioneer Village (Stur Museum.) Littlebear would appreciate them more after he's learned about pioneers. Now it's just old junk to him. Besides, I'm sure he's more interested in seeing Uncle Sam.

*The boys found frogs at the showers. Littlebear was a little scared of them till Daddy picked them up. He told ME that the frog peed on his hand, but I think he imagined that. (Maybe Daddy planted the idea in his head.)

Ogallala Sunset

*We (parents) went on a walk down the hiking trail. Someone was having a tantrum.

*Littlebear saw a lady in the tree. Can you see her? (Psst. she's closing her eyes)

Lady in the tree

Love, Ang

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