Friday, June 27, 2008

Reunion-Day 3

Day 3: Wed 18Jun08
Where: Seminoe State Park, Wyoming
Mileage: 300 miles
Seminoe map
*We were going to press on 600 miles to Nebraska, but decided not to kill ourselves.

*This is a very cool lake about 35 miles off of I-80.
Seminoe View from Camper
Daytime view

Seminoe Sunset Lake
Sunset View


Ahhhhh......this is living!!
*I couldn't believe how many Pronghorn Antelope we saw on the way here 30+.
Pronghorn Antelope
*Littlebear got sick at 1am and vomited all over his bed. Thank goodness we had extra sleeping bags in the trailer. Poor little guy.

Love, Ang

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