Friday, June 27, 2008

Reunion-Day 2

Day 2-Tues 17June08
Where:Weber Memorial Park-Ogden UT

*We saw a moose in the river this morning while we were headed to base.
*Littlebear says:"We had a fun day. I love the campfire best."
*We toured the base=> BX, Housing Office, Outdoor Rec, Clothing Sales.
*Went to the "Hill Aerospace Museum"and on the way out we saw a sign for another museum. The "Roy City Historical Museum" was started as an antique collector's hobby that went out of control. When Emma Russell couldn't live with her "treasures" without living space in her house, she gave them to the city. Very impressive collection.
*We came back to camp and Littlebear played with his new styrofoam rubber band plane out in the prarie dog town.
LB's Styrofoam Plane

*Papa and I took a bike ride around the campground. Littlebear could NOT be persuaded to join us. I worry that he's not even trying to learn to ride a bike. Grandpa A says he needs another little boy to ride with and that will encourage him more than mom and dad.
*Littlebear played in the mud/river. He was so dirty!
Wild, dirty boy

*Took a drive up to Causey Reservoir. (picture in previous post) I would love to bring canoes. So far, I'm totally in love with Utah.

Love, Ang

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