Thursday, June 26, 2008

Reunion, Day 1

For those of you who don't know; We drove out to my family reunion this year. What a blast! (by the way, we're home safe)

I'm keeping a "camping" journal with this new trailer so all of my posts will be straight out of the book.

Total Mileage (minus intown driving) 2686.1 (We've nicknamed the new truck "Thirsty Nellie")

Day 1-Monday 16June08
Where:Weber Memorial Park, Utah

*Left at 6am and arrived at Hill AFB, Utah at 2pm. Duh! Time change....3pm Mountain time. There wasn't a spot open for camping on the base so Papabear found us a site at Weber Memorial Park, east of Huntsville on SR-39. GORGEOUS! We're right on the stream/river. Mid 80's. All of SR-39 is dotted with campgrounds. Campground was about 25 miles from base.

*Papabear hit ANOTHER tree! At least, this time, he kept his luggage rack. I told him to charge the state for his tree trimming services. :o)

Broken tree-Weber memorial park UT

Weber Memorial Park-UT
That water was runoff from the mountains. You'd put your foot in it and 2 minutes later you couldn't feel it. LB was so brave!

Prarie Dog and bacon
Papa (shhh) was feeding the Prairie Dogs that made a town in the commons area. They were so cute! I've never seen one outside a zoo.

Causey Reservoir
Causey Reservoir- about 5 miles up the road from our campground is this little gem. I would have loved to paddle a canoe all over it.

Causey Reservoir
Other side of Causey Reservoir

Weber Memorial Park-UT-Gun
This was Weber County's memorial park....but we couldn't find out the history of these naval guns. LOL you'd think more locals (or the camp host) would know the history of the area

Weber Memorial Park-UT-Gun1
I couldn't get him to salute with the proper hand....but he's still cute.

Camping Unibrow
Camping Unibrow.....I couldn't stop laughing at him.

Weber Sunset
I love sunset photos....
Love, Ang

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