Saturday, May 10, 2008

"Saturday night's alright for fighting" -Elton John

Here's the update I promised you.

Littlebear FINALLY got his sash. It came with TWO certificates. (I'm not going to post pictures because they have his full name on them) One saying he's a "member in good standing" and the other certifying that he earned his white sash. Needless to say, were're going to frame/hang them on his wall o' shame.

Here he is getting his sash. (with Shrfu)
Getting White Sash

We also had a birthday party. Sorry for the washed out shot
Bounce U

Here's a picture of that cap I've been working on. Crocheted with a "H" hook and bulky Patton's yarn. The project called for worsted this one is just a little tightly gauged. I have a feeling though that it'll relax and be very comfortable to wear. I cut a piece of plastic and inserted it into the brim. The hat pattern was found in: "24 Hour Crochet Projects" by Rita Weiss. Ms Rita must crochet like the wind! It SAID it would only take 4 hours to make this...I think it was closer to 8 hours. I had to stretch it across two nights and part of Kung Fu. I love it though! I should try actually making one according to gauge.

crocheted Hat
Back/side of my hat.
crocheted hat

See you next week! Happy Mother's Day!!
Love, Ang

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