Friday, May 9, 2008

Playing Catch-up....or is that Ketchup?

Last Friday was the school carnival at Littlebear's school. Ten Dollars + 2 1/2 hours + Snowcone + Cheap/breakable prizes=Tired, but very happy, Littlebear

The Fishing Game
Lady in Red was Littlebear's Kindergarten teacher.
School Carnival-02May

The Basketball Game
Lady in the blue is LB's current teacher. (we hit the little kid games before we moved to the big kid games....I wanted a few "gimme" prizes before I actually took him to the skill games)
School Carnival-02May

Ms A. teaches Art (Sand craft)
The firetruck/ambulance was on scene to give tours
School Carnival-02May

I also finished a pair of felted oven mitts for the camper (all hail the stash) I love to feeds my inner Dr Frankenstein. Bwahahahha (PS He was actually in a good mood...the camera just caught him in a "SHEESH Mom" look.
prefelted oven mits

Finished oven mitts.....covered in Sunshine.
postfelted oven mitts
I'm sure I'll have a post tomorrow. It's going to be a busy weekend: LB gets his sash in Kung fu, a kid's birthday party, and Mother's Day.

PS: If you're going to spray sunscreen (the clear kind) on your NOT do it on the ceramic tiles of your WILL fall on your butt. OH yeah, you can't just wipe it up...oh no! You'll need a bucket and some strong soap....especially if it's waterproof! *wry grin*

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