Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Camping-Honeycomb Campground, Utah

Gah! I'm sorry for the lag in posts. We came home and hit the ground running.

This was our first camping trip with the new trailer. This was Papabear's FIRST Sat/Sun weekend off since January!! So we both took Fri/Mon off and made the most of it.

The dates were 16-19May2008. And the campground was Honeycomb Rocks, Utah. I had SO many good photos that it's going to be hard to choose.

The weather was mid 80's in the day to 50's at night. Let me tell you what....I'll N.E.V.E.R. want to go back to tent camping. It was so nice to pull into the campsite....level the coach...then pop a beer. That's all there is! No setting up tents....airmattress....outdoor kitchen....no nighttime hikes to the pit toilets. :oP Yes, I know I'm spoiled!

We even took Sunshine! I didn't want to leave her alone for four days...But now, after we saw the stress from driving, I think she'll be happier alone at home. I'll turn on a radio for her.

Now, on to the pictures!

Littlebear dorkin' out in front of the sign

The Jackrabbits/Owls/Birds and Frogs were out in full force. LB had such a fun time "hunting" them.

Here is his little caterpiller friend. His class just finished raising butterflies (as seen on TV) so this was a treat for him!
Lb and the caterpillar

Our View from the Camper! If you walk to the front of the coach...you can see the Enterprise Reservoir
View from our camper

Littlebear LOVED to scramble all the rocks in our campground. These were right next to our fire pit.
Rock Scrambling in our campsite

Channeling his inner wild boy
Rock Scramblin

My Honey in the Honeycomb Rocks. His poor little legs were all scratched up by the end of the trip. And he slept like a "rock"!!
Honeycomb Rocks

Honeycomb Rock Campground is on the Enterprise Reservoir. This is it's dam. The little green and blue spots are Papa/Littlebear.
Enterprise Dam

The Town of Enterprise, Utah. Lovely little town. Reminds me of Silver Creek, Nebraska.

Heritage Park in Enterprise, UT
This park features restored Pioneer carriages and farm machinery. The dedication plaque recounts the story of a local Mormon Saint that fled to Zion with his three wives. Very odd to see the Mormon side of history. I couldn't imagine riding one of these across the country...with EVERYTHING I owned inside. They are not very comfy looking.
Heritage Park-Enterprise UT

The next day Papabear takes us on a trip around the Reservoir and runs into a dead end. He tried to turn around and got stuck in the muck. After a half hour of cursing/mudslinging/rock gathering....he sends us off for help. This is the camper that came to our aid. (I was so scared. We were five miles from camp and it was getting dark...This guy, Ryan, was just awesome!)
The guy that helped us out of themuck

This is how deep Papa was in the muck. (The shovel that he ALWAYS keeps in the truck was back by the fire pit in camp!)
The tire tracks from the muck

That's the cream of the Honeycomb campground pictures. There are SOOO many more. The next day we took a sidetrip to Beaver Dam State park across the state line in Nevada. I'll put those in another post.
Love, Ang
(the camping fool)

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