Saturday, April 26, 2008

Flower Fu!

Hey all,
Just wanted to let you know that Littlebear tested and earned his first belt in Kung Fu. I'm so proud of him! We've been practicing all week.

He also has his first baby strawberry flower. I thought we were doing something wrong because we'd water, but they wouldn't flower.


OH! I almost forgot. Littlebear and I stayed out in the camper last night. I didn't realize how much traffic our street gets....all night long I was praying the drunks wouldn't sideswipe our trailer. LOL

Shrfu also had to punish LB today. On Thursday, the cub scouts were outside playing...and LB got into a boyhood scuffle with another boy. Just boy crap. But LB, with perfect form *snicker*, side-kicked this boy. Nobody was hurt, but LB was TOLD not to use his skills unless he's SERIOUSLY in trouble.

So I made him go tell Shrfu....and I let HIM deal with it. Have I said before that I love this guy??? Well I do.

He put LB in pushup position (at the top of a pushup) and made him stay there for about a half hour. (He did give him two five minute breaks.)

*Laugh* He made it a point to come tell me that he has to be firm to make his point. I told him that I'm completely behind him. (I won't let him abuse my kid...don't fear)

What a clever idea. It gave him time to think "Gosh, is this worth it?" It got through to him that kicking is NOT acceptable. AND it didn't involve any corporeal punishments. Then Shrfu completely explained why he was in trouble. Let's just say I sincerely doubt it will happen again.
Anyway...that's all our news.
Love, Ang

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