Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Beaver Dam State Park, Nevada

This was a day trip. Beaver Dam was about 20 miles from the Enterprise Reservoir. All the roads were dirt...but very nicely graded. What a gem of a park. I'd LOVE to come back and spend a week hiking around this place.

Papabear explaining that a) dam isn't a bad word and b) beavers live in these.
Beaver Dam State park

We hiked down the stream and even pursuaded littlebear to strip down and swim in his boxers. (He's so modest)
Walking the stream

Rare picture of Me and Littlebear
Momma Smooch

Pictures don't capture how spectacular this spot was. You honestly felt you were on top of the world. So beautiful!
Boys on a peak

A perspective shot...to see how large this landscape was.

Papabear teaching Littlebear how to play chess.
First game of Chess

Love, Ang

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