Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Master Cleanse- Day 6


0600-Short night. Papa kept Law and Order on till midnight. (earplugs and a sleep mask didn't help much) Littlebear had nightmares. Patches was always hungry. I didn't sleep much. Today's going to drag. :o(

20:48- Actually today wasn't too bad. My energy picked up as soon as I got to work. After work I bought my oranges to break my fast. I found out that the market on the way home offers a bunch of Raw items. (Nuts, Herbs, Spices, Odd Vegetables.) And soooo, I've dusted off my Raw Foods diet books (plus a few from the library) and am eager to start.

*****Gross Subject Matter*****
I'm so ready to quit this diet....but I'm happy I did it. I'm constantly surprised at how much "Stuff" comes out of me every morning. (shudder) I feel lighter and more mentally focused. The only gripe I have is that I REQUIRE a nap every day. I can call up the energy I need for work. But after that I need to recharge.

Anyway, There's not a whole lot to report. (As you can see from the above comment...I'm digging into THAT subject for blog post filler.)

Yay! The last day's tomorrow!
Love, Ang

Daily Totals- Same as the last six days.....Boooyah!

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