Monday, March 17, 2008

Master Cleanse Day 5

0600-*Yawn!* Good sleeping! I can't believe it's already day 5. Two days left!

I was thinking last night before bed about that Probiotic (Good bugs for your gut) Activia. It's really not advisable to introduce dairy so quickly into your diet. So I started searching around for a non-dairy probiotic and guess what?! Rejuvelac is a probiotic. Yay! So I'm sprouting my rye today. Going to brew up the Rejuvelac on Tues-Thrs. And take it down with me to Kate's. LOL I should warn her that I'm not going to be up to my gastrointestinal self. I'll have to eat light for a few days. I know how she loves to take me out for the good eats!

Anyway....enough jabbering. I have to head out to work. I'm not sure I have the energy/stamina to do this. I guess we'll see.

20:28- I DID have enough energy for work. Although I did treat myself to a nap this afternoon. I came home and just collapsed.

I'm not hungry...but geesh I want to eat. The boys came home with Carl's Jr. The meat didn't bother me at all....but oh those fries....I wanted them soo bad! I'll be glad to finally eat food again.

Day the books.

Daily Total
-Saltwater Flush
-70+ oz of Lemonade
-Cups of Peppermint tea
-Smooth Move Tea

LOTS and LOTS of potty breaks.

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