Sunday, March 16, 2008

Master Cleanse Day 4

Weight: 167

0900-Saltwater Flush *shudder*

I woke up feeling good. One thing I have noticed is that I've been colder the last few days. Maybe because my internal furnace is off. I thought it was because the weather changed from glorious to nice. (It's still in the 70's) But now I'm convinced it's because of the fast.

I've also noticed that my body is "quieter." And believe me that's the only way to describe it. I can close my eyes and feel that my body is at peace. (or is it my mind?) My inner voices are still blabbermouths, but I feel more centered and still. Is this why ascetics and monks love to fast?

Last night I had such a rush of disappointment that I'm only fasting for 7 days instead of the recommended 10 days. I finally had to give myself "Permission" to stop. I'm not flaking out. I signed up for seven...and I'll finish seven. So I let it go.

Since my focus isn't on eating right now, my brain is stirring up lots of "garbage" to deal with lately. I'm dealing with the nasty voices in my head right now. The discouraging ones that have nothing nice to say about me (or anyone else) are finding it harder to stick around. I keep evicting them.

LOL! yes, I know how crazy that sounds. But rest assured, they are all MY voice. I am not channeling Agnar the Bizzare from the Czna'acn galaxy.

OH! And I didn't use the Hoodia at all today. I did twinge when I made Littlebear some oatmeal...and when Papabear wanted me to bring him the last off the cookies. (rolls eyes) But I enjoyed the smell and went about my business.

Nothing else to report.
Love, Ang

Daily Totals (nothing has changed)
-Saltwater Flush
-70oz of Lemonade
-Cup of Smooth Move Chocolate Laxitve tea (this is sure a welcome taste from that lemonade)

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