Saturday, March 15, 2008

Master Cleanse- Day 3

Weight-168 (I know this is prob water/intestinal gunk weight....and I WILL gain most of it back when I go solid again....but it's still nice to see the scale move. I had stalled at 170 for ages!)

G'morning! I slept like a rock! Of course there were potty breaks, but when I did sleep I had great dreams and woke up refreshed. I even dreamt about Christopher Titus.

0700-Saltwater flush- It's still really nasty. But I can soldier through it pretty quickly. The only truly uncomfortable part is getting a whole quart to fit in my belly.

See you later, gator. We're off to Kung Fu. (those cats were fast as lightning)

I've been reading about adding Probiotics to my diet after the cleanse. According to the literature, all the bacteria (good and bad) will be out of my digestive track. So starting off with the good "bugs" is highly recommended.

I went online and read up about that product "Activia" and I think I'm going to try that. Eventually I'd like my diet to consist of 75-90% raw foods (fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds) and this is the second step on getting there. Has anyone used this product?

Ok....NOW we're off to Kung Fu. Bye!

2145-Had a good day. I didn't use the Hoodia at all. Energy is somewhat up, but I still took a nap. Sleeping is wonderful. I sleep so deeply, and don't have my usual hard time adjusting to waking. (I keep mentioning it, I know. But it still amazes me.)

-Saltwater Flush
-Lemonade 64oz
-Smooth Move Chocolate Tea

See you tomorrow.
Love, Ang

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