Friday, March 14, 2008

Master Cleanse Day 2

Weight: 169

0700-Saltwater Flush. I stayed upright and it went through much quicker. It could be because there's nothing in there to stop it....or it could be staying upright.

Papabear and I drove over the mountain range to look at a camper. I felt fine. Just a few dull muscle aches, low energy, and feeling spacey. Nothing to worry me....just different than I normally feel. But I just shifted my focus from "poor me" to "lucky me. I'm starting over fresh."

We came home for a nap. And I tell you I slept like a log. And actually woke up refreshed. Usually, when I nap, I have a hard time adjusting to being awake. It's usually not worth it.

Still not hungry. (Although I do want to eat.) Littlebear wanted a piece of cheesecake. And my stomach literally, physically twinged when I smelled it. But after I handed it to him, my craving went away.

My sense of smell is out of this world! Papa lit up a cigarette in the truck on the road trip and I about hurled! Normally I can't stand the smell of them, but it's livable. Not this morning. He normally won't smoke in the car with us. He'll wait till we pull over. I guess his addiction to them is getting stronger....(while mine is moving in the opposite direction.)

Other than just feeling "out of sorts," I do feel fine. I'm not as scared as I was on Monday. This is totally doable.

I'll post more if there's anything more to print...if not, I'll see you tomorrow.
Love, Ang

Daily Totals:
-Saltwater Flush
-Lemonade:69oz (and it was a fight to get them all down)
-Cup of Ginger Tea
-Smooth Move Chocolate Tea (At bedtime)

Coated Tongue
I was brushing my teeth tonight and noticed that my tongue had turned white. According to the literature and the online community of Detoxers, this is normal and it means that the body is riding itself of toxins. This will go away in a few days. Bizarre though.


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