Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Master Cleanse-Day 0

Happy Birthday Papabear!!


Tonight I'm going to prepare for my seven day Detox Cleanse. Every night they want you to drink a cup of laxative tea. They SAY it'll take about 6-8 hours to work. And that'll set me up for tomorrow. That starts off with a top-down salt water enema. (you drink it) Then you drink the lemonade all day.

I am so scared! I don't think I have the moxy to see this through. I don't want to talk myself into failure, but I'm not too sure I have the self-discipline. We'll see. I DO want all the benefits that this Detox will bring. Deep breaths!

See you tomorrow.
Love, Ang
PS-he's going to kill me for posting this old picture of him. LOL but it's so funny!

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