Thursday, March 13, 2008

Master Cleanse Day 1

Weight: (covers eyes) 170

0600- Drank a quart of tepid water with two teaspoons of sea salt in it. (Gag!) On an empty stomach this was soooo nasty.

0800-The system is Flushed....*shudder* It's only supposed to take 30mins to an hour. But I laid back down till 7am. I think I need the gravity of being upright to make it work. Tomorrow I'll see if staying upright makes it work quicker.

0830-Off to work with two "servings" of lemonade and "fixin's" for "Lunch" (You have to forgive my excessive use of quotes and parenthesis this week. I feel I'm going to need them!

I found a website that allows people to give advice to others on this detox. (Tips and tricks) One of the tricks was to use a Hoodia supplement to help you curb cravings the first three days. (until your body goes into fast mode.) By sheer crazy coincidence, my Mom gave me some Hoodia patches that her drug rep (She works in a Dr's office) gave to her for losing weight. I've saved them....and now I know why. I'm going to see if it helps. Angie HATES that empty, hungry feeling.

1435-Wow, I felt the energy drain today at work. I was fine till I started driving home. Now I'm ready for a nap. :)

I noticed today that I would get ravenously hungry if I smelled something from the break room, but if I actually stopped and asked myself "Am I hungry, or do I want to eat?" I realized that I just wanted to eat something. It reminds me of when I quit smoking. I'd get these crazy, intense urges that would go away once I acknowledged them.

I can't nap yet. I still have to pick up Littlebear from school. So I'm going to brew a pot of peppermint tea and just chill on the couch.

I feel pretty good. Just those weird pangs of "want." I'm not hungry. The true test will be at dinnertime tonight.

1600-MMMMM Nap!

Boyscout meeting tonight....It was a spaghetti dinner. UGH! A true test of willpower. The garlic bread smelled soooooo good.

2049-I've got to finish my last glass of "lemonade" and then take my Smooth Move Tea before bed. Still no hunger pangs. I'm trying to focus on this being a "time of rest and recoup" instead of focusing on the fact I can't eat. It seems to help.

That turd Papabear brought home a cheesecake! *grump*
Grandmabear left cookies and a cake! *grump grump*
And I (like a dork) bought some Gingersnap cookies last week. *grump grump grump*

Daily or not.
-Saltwater flush
-6 servings of Lemonade (69oz. I peed all day!)
-a pot of peppermint tea
-a cup of "Smooth move" tea

See you tomorrow.
Love, Ang

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