Monday, January 21, 2008

The First Resolution to die......*sniffle*

LOL It was bound to happen....At least it's this one and not the diet. I'll regroup and try to keep up with the blog again.

Hmmm lets see...what's been going on.

1. We took Littlebear up Mount Charleston for a little fun in the snow. LOL! None of his snow gear fits. In fact I need to get online and buy LB a pair of goulashes (yes, I did have to look the spelling) for next year. The pair he's been wearing since he was three (we stuffed the toes) has FINALLY gotten too small.


Our neighbors took us up and out to lunch. Richard (pictured above) is German and mechanical, and I think is Papabear's favorite neighbor. His wife is a fourth grade school teacher, so I love picking her brain about "normal" boy behavior.


This is so "Las Vegas." A guy wears SHORTS up to look at the snow. Poor Littlebear had to ride home in his underwear. I totally forgot to bring him extra clothes to change into. I think next time we go I'm going to bring a) appropriate clothing and b) a Rubbermaid garbage can lid so that he can sled. No sense buying a sled for the maybe two times a year we go up the mountain.

Hmmm, what other drama in our lives. Oh yeah. I'm driving home from work last Tuesday and I get a call on my cell: "Mrs M, this is Principal SoNSo, I need to talk to you about LB." And after five minutes of his dancing around the issue I finally snapped. "So, what did he do?" and this is the nightmare I was dragged into.

I guess he picked up a rock and was "recruiting" other children to pick up rocks to throw at the teacher. His logic is that if they knock out the teacher, they wouldn't have to come in from recess. I....was.....mortified. Now LB is a drama queen, he's quick-tempered, and he's always showing off, and there's that whole biting/hitting phase he went through. But he's not purposely violent to others. At least I hope.

So I ask Mr. SoNso what he'd do if it was his child. And he gave me this song and dance about "restricting him" for the rest of the week and making him write out apology letters. I felt like saying "DUH!!! He was going to do that anyway." So I turned to my girlfriends for the real poop on how to deal with little boys. After they calmed down....(Hysterical laughing) They basically said that this is normal boy school yard bravado. And that I'd only have to worry about it if he continually does this. I need a little more distance from this to really embrace the humor of the situation...but now I don't feel like Charley Manson's mom. I did "restrict" him and make him write out apology letters though. Boy, was I pissed.

LOL my Mother in Law is no help. Whenever I moan about my adventures with LB she just laughs and pokes Papabear in the shoulder. "HEHE, paybacks!!" she chortles. Ok, I get it that it's Papabear's paybacks....but I was always such a wuss when it came to rebelling. I choose to rebel quietly and passive-agressively. I never threatened to chuck rocks at the teacher....waaaaahhhhh!

So I was tough on him all week. According to him, it was a "joke." So we talked about what's appropriate to joke about...and what's not.

And then, when I finally thought he had learned his lesson, this happens: I drop him off a half hour early for school so he can eat breakfast with his friends. I normally wait till he's almost inside the door to drive off to work. Well I was off Friday and thought, "I wonder if he's REALLY going to breakfast?" So, instead of driving off normally, I circled the island and came around front again to catch the little turd running onto the playground. You would not BELIEVE the deer-in-the-headlights look I got from him. Needless to say, the breakfast privileges have been revoked for a while. He'll have to eat cereal/oatmeal/toast for a while before I can trust him again.

Now, to be honest, I remember my Father calling me "Lie-girl" when I was about his age. So I know that it could be a phase, but how do you deal with this? Do you hawk-watch them, or do you kind of turn a blind eye to the little lies? I feel betrayed...I thought he ALWAYS told me the truth. So I'm off to the library tomorrow to look for a "We do not lie" book in the kids section. We have a whole series of non-religious morality books. Anyway, do YOU have any suggestions/stories to help me deal with this?

Anyway, I've got to get moving...I have laundry that needs a'foldin'.

Love, Ang

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