Thursday, January 10, 2008

Littlebear's got a starlet crush....Tee hee

Jessica Alba?
No, too old.

The Olsen Twins?
No, too scary.

Zoe 101 (Jamie Lynn Spears)
No, too preggers.

Lindsey Lohan?
No, too rehabby.

Miley Cirus (Hannah Montana)?
No, too mainstream.

Britney Spears?
Oh Hell no!

Well then, who could it be?


Shirley Temple!!

LOL!! I could never stomach her little "pout face," so I never caught ST fever. But boy, oh boy, LB sure has. Nickelodeon has started playing a Shirley Temple collection commercial for the last two weeks. Once a half hour, you'll see little curly top singing "Animal crackers in my soup."

And you know where this goes......

"Mom, does the library have any Shirley Temple?"

Well we do...I brought home a double feature "The Little Princess" and "Little Lord Fauntleroy." I've never seen LLF so it was a treat for me and I liked it a whole lot more than the little princess. We also went online to Netflix and ordered a few ST movies. I think it's a four-pack movie. We've also been online to and watched all of the little song clips. *gag*

OK, How do I let him know that Shirley Temple Black is much older than his GRANDPARENTS? LOL

Oh I'm going to have some great teenage blackmail.

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Dina said...

This post made me smile :)

I can't wait to tease him about it seven years from now!