Thursday, September 6, 2007

"XO, Pixie"

I am a huge fan of the TLC program “LA Ink.” My favorite artist is Hannah…but I have such a “girl crush” on Pixie. She’s just so darn cute!

So I’m on the show’s website, cyber stalking, and I come across Pixie’s email address.

Ego Ang -“Aw, what the hell…let me see if she’ll answer……”.
SuperEgo Ang –“You know, Ang….she has better things to do than answer fan mail….”
Id Ang – “Yeah, but I wannnnna reeeeallll bad! *pout* *whine*”

Um…ok….sorry for that detour.

So I write:
Just wanted to take a moment out of your day and let you know how much I enjoy you on LA Ink. I know the "Pixie" on there isn't the true you (it’s all edited up), but from what I see on there, you're just so wonderful.

Take care,

And I get this back within 15 minutes:

Thank you! That is such a sweet compliment. I get a little bummed out bcuz I really am interesting and smart. I don't feel like they show that side of me... But it could be worse! Thanks for the kind words! Xo pixie
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Ang here: Wow! I can’t believe she wrote back. How fun!!

Moving on….

Anyway, I’m dealing with my first cold of the season. And isn’t it funny that it just HAPPENS to be a week into the school year? Someone brought a bug home and gave it to Mommy. *Ugh*

What do vegetarians do if they won't eat chicken soup? *Laugh*

I’m off to down a glass of water, a Zicam, and finish my laundry.
Love, Ang

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Dina said...

I've been trying to catch that show for the past year ... if we only had TiVO here. That's cool she wrote you back :)

Hope you feel better!